Review 130

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Review 130 is at the printers ready for distribution at the end of this month. 

The contents are:

  • The Anyox Mine Railroad - Gerald Harper researches an unknown 3 foot gauge Canadian system for his On3 layout with prototype photos and plan
  • Welsh Pony 1886 - Alastair Steele tackles the Mercian Models Festiniog England kit in 009
  • Industrial Snowploughs - Prototype examples photographed and described by Sydney A Leleux
  • Doxford RSH Crane Locomotive - Southwick - Mike Farrow describes his ScaleSeven model of an industrial workhorse
  • 18ins Gauge Fowler Locomotive for De Beers Diamond Mines - Stuart L Baker researches and draws these diminutive 0-4-2T locomotives with 7mm scale drawing and prototype photos
  • South African Railways NG-Y Hopper Wagon - Mark Noble models these modern day WHR freight wagons in O14
  • Lynton & Barnstaple Manning Wardle 2-6-2Ts - Scratch-building excellence in 7mm scale by Tom Mallard with original GA drawing
  • Brockham Memories - Rust, ruin and hopeful restoration - prototype photographs of the early days at the Brockham Railway Museum described by David John

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