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Update 23/01/2019 - Issue 117 is starting to arrive on UK doormats - it will take a little longer to get arround the globe.

Issue 117 is on its way to the printers for distribution later this month.

The contents are as follows:

  • The Hebridean Light Railway - Tom Dauben describes his 4mm scale ‘might have been’
  • The Mating Game - Seven Years on - Working 7mm scale chopper couplers by John Clutterbuck
  • Slater’s 16mm Scale Simplex - 2 - Roy C Link completes the kit and adds DCC sound
  • Penrhyn Quarry ‘Skinner’ and its Blood Brother - Research and drawings by Stuart L Baker
  • W G Bagnall Mercedes Class - Drawings by Stuart L Baker
  • 7/8 Scale Motor-Rail G-series - James Hilton describes his large scale model
  • Motor-Rail G-series - Archive material from Alan Keef
  • A Franco-Belge (Bourdon) - Locomotive for the Panama Canal - Paul Berntsen speed-builds a 1:32 scale model
  • Plus the usual Reviews, Letters and Jottings

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