Review 104

Review 104 is in preparation. Contents as follows: Crowsnest Wharf – 7mm scale 16.5mm gauge The Re-invention of the Towy Valley - Part 3 Reservoir Carriage – The Stanton Coach Spout Lane Limestone Quarry - 16mm scale Loading Shovels Building Cavan & Leitrim Carriages in 4mm Scale and the usual Reviews and Jottings Update 30/09/2015 - Review 104 is now at the printers. Distribution is planned for October

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Review Admin and Subscriptions

As many will know Greystar took over the production and editorship of the Review some years ago with Roy C Link remaining as the production editor. Since Bob Barlow's sad and untimely death Greystar has closed and the Review has reverted back to Roy. A key part of the new arrangements is a small team supporting Roy with the day to day administration and the use of online facilities. We need to create and maintain account records for all subscribers so we can prepare distribution lists for our printing company, this is the main reason accounts are required to order from...

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IMPORTANT - Greystar PayPal Payments

Note Narrow Gauge and Industrial is a separate entity to Graystar with it's own PayPal account, however any subscription renewals made to Greystar up until Bob's death (May 15th 2015) will be honoured by NG&I. Any payments for renewals made thereafter will need to be recovered from PayPal or Bob's estate. Many of the subscriptions to Greystar for both Finescale Review and NG&IRM Review, were set up in PayPal as recurring pre-approved payments. Despite them being formally notified of Bob's death (twice), the payments were still automatically being taken. You must check that any PayPal pre-approved payments have been cancelled....

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