WDLR Album and Companion slipcase (MADE TO ORDER)

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Protect your pair of valuable WDLR books with a specially designed slipcase hand-made by master craftsmen at  Sullivan Bindery with custom graphics designed by Roy.

The slipcase holds one copy each of WDLR Album and WDLR Companion snugly and securely, allowing both landscape format books to be placed on a bookshelf so that they are spine uppermost - saving both space and protecting the binding. The perfect way to safely store your valued books between reference and browsing sessions.

The body of the slip case is formed from stout 3.2mm thick board and covered in mid-grey cloth, blocked in white to simulate stencilled military style lettering plus the War Department ‘Broad Arrow’ symbol. 

The price includes postage. 

Note this product is hand-made to order - despatch will typically be 6 weeks from order

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