REVIEW History

A brief history of the REVIEW - see issue 125 for a detailed history.

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling REVIEW was started in 1989 by Roy C Link in partnership with Mike Brown. Roy’s concept for the REVIEW was the setting of subject material – prototypes and models – in the best possible light.

In 1994 (from issue 19) Roy had to hand over to Mike Brown through poor health. In 1997 Mike then relinquished editorship due to ill health so Roy took back the REVIEW again (from issue 32).

In 2012 (from issue 89) the REVIEW was sold to Greystar with Bob Barlow as editor with Roy remaining responsible for design and layout. Printing was also changed to Lavenham Press in Suffolk with Lavenham performing the quarterly mailing (formerly a manual process).

Unfortunately Bob died suddenly in 2015 so the REVIEW reverted back to Roy from issue 103. All the administration details had died with Bob, but with help from John Clutterbuck the list of subscribers was reestablished and new IT facilities and online shop put in place.

In 2017 John and Marion Clutterbuck formally took over the REVIEW business under the Narrow Gauge and Industrial banner with Roy remaining as editor and designer. Roy sadly died in 2020 so John had to take over the editorial baton from issue 125.