IMPORTANT - Greystar PayPal Payments

Posted by John Clutterbuck on

Note Narrow Gauge and Industrial is a separate entity to Graystar with it's own PayPal account, however any subscription renewals made to Greystar up until Bob's death (May 15th 2015) will be honoured by NG&I. Any payments for renewals made thereafter will need to be recovered from PayPal or Bob's estate.

Many of the subscriptions to Greystar for both Finescale Review and NG&IRM Review, were set up in PayPal as recurring pre-approved payments. Despite them being formally notified of Bob's death (twice), the payments were still automatically being taken.

You must check that any PayPal pre-approved payments have been cancelled. These can be found on your PayPal account under Profile -> My Money -> My pre-approved payments. If you find you still have an active payment to Greystar Publications - then cancel it immediately.

All subscription renewals now need to be made direct with NG&I. This is best done online via this website - see here for more details. NG&I do not intend to use recurring pre-approved payments, however this may be reviewed in the future if we can be sure the above issues could not happen again.

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