REVIEW issue 115 - on its way

Posted by John Clutterbuck on

Update 16/07/2018 - issue 115 is at the printers and the distribution lists have been produced so it will hopefully go out this week.

Renewal from 114 is still possible, however you are going to have to wait until we get copies of 115 in a few weeks time.

REVIEW Issue 115 contents are as follows:

  • Sidi Fontana - Franck Combe builds a Moroccan diorama in OO9
  • Desert Derailment - WW1 Archive material – WD 60cm in Palestine
  • Train to Ramallah - WW1 Archive material – WD 60cm out of Jerusalem
  • Dinky Donkies of Panama - Drawings and research by Stuart L Baker
  • Dry Stone Slate Walls - How to create them in 7mm scale with David John
  • Combe Hay Mine - Colour photographs taken by Justin Edwards
  • Steam in the Forest II - Roy C Link revisits an old project in 1:48 scale

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