Review Slipcase

Review Slipcase

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The second batch are now in stock. We're keeping the discount of 20% off for 5 or more.

Further update 29/04/2024 - we've ordered another batch of 100 which will hopefully be in stock in a few weeks.

Update 19/04/2024 - we commissioned a new batch of 100 thinking we might be lucky to sell 20-30, however they all sold out within 5 days! We are now faced with a dilemma of do we order another batch of 100 (the minimum order) only for most of them to sit around for several years with associated storage, etc. costs. If you do want some please contact us stating how many you would want so we can gauge interest.

Protect your investment in our new slipcases. These are casebound in stylish green cloth and silver blocked with the REVIEW title. These new-style slip cases were developed to cope with the increased pages and thicker paper of today's REVIEW.

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