REVIEW Index Searching Notes

These notes are intended to help you get the best out of our searchable index.

We have tried to make the entries both descriptive and also contain all important words to support searching such as modelprototype, scale drawing, etc. and scale and gauge information where known. The keywords photo and photos are only used when prototype photos are included - all model articles usually have photos.

By default it shows all articles from all issues. Entries are then filtered as you type in words. Searches are case insensitive and words are matched in any order within the entry details. The trick is to type in keywords rather than whole phrases, e.g. type Manifold rather than Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway as not all of the words of the latter will be in the entry and the search will show no results. Also note the matches are partial so that searching for duff will find any entries containing Duffield and Duffws.

Some further example searches are:

photos rheidol prototype - will find any articles that feature the Vale of Rheidol and have photos of the prototype.
OO9 0-4-0 - will find any articles about 4mm scale 9mm gauge 0-4-0 models

The notations used are in accordance with the REVIEW style guide:

Festioniog - single F as per the Act of Parliament
Whyte notation for wheel configurations, e.g. 0-4-0, 2-6-2, etc.
O14, O16.5 , OO9 - all use capital "O" (although lowercase "o" also works). Note these entries usually have the scale and model track gauge too.
Dimensions are denoted thus: 14mm, 2ft 6ins, etc. Inch fractions are displayed as decimals, e,g, 1ft 11 1/2ins is denoted as 1ft 11.5ins and 3/4ins is denoted as 0.75ins

Try out the search here: REVIEW Index Search. Please contact us if you find any errors or omissions.