VoR Card Kit - Entries

Here are the entries we have received from our VoR Card Kit Activity and Competition.
George Williamson
"I have attached photos of my attempt at the card kit, first time modelling in card, and most likely my last! Either way, it’s the standard kit with a bit of weathering. It’s sitting on a little bit of 5.5mm scenery."
Nyall Rudge
"I scaled the kit up to be approximately 7mm/foot scale, and altered the livery to display the early BR crest. I also made custom name and number plates which I incorporated into the print rather than separate items.

Owing to difficulty in procuring supplies in the current situation, I ended up printing the kit onto paper, and filling the colour in with good old fashioned colouring pencils. It gives it almost the appearance of a black and white photo that’s been retrospectively coloured (which is essentially what I did!)

It was completed over the course of an evening, and was rather a pleasing kit to assemble. I can see the benefits of printing on card, so we’re I to attempt it again in the future, that would be the way I would do it."
Steve Holland
After (a lot of) swearing and cursing I have finally managed to complete a card Rheidol loco. It does look a poor battered little thing!
I thought that I would be clever and “borrow” a sheet of card that my wife uses to make greetings cards. I think that it may be a little thick for this model. The card works fine for greetings cards but did not like been shaped for small parts and the tabs had a habit of de-laminating where they hold the various bits of the model together. I did try printing another sheet on to paper so that I could have double sided vacuum pipes and tank filler vents and tank filler handles, and it has sort of worked. I can’t help the thought that the steam dome looks a little like a milk can!
I also “borrowed” my wife’s set of Promarkers to touch in the edges and they have done a good job of covering the white card on the score lines.
The much larger loco is a 1:24 card mock-up of one of the Kimberley Diamond Mine Bagnalls. Its hard to believe that they are 18 inch gauge. It got put together a few years ago in a period of boredom over the Christmas break, enlarged from the drawing in the Mark Smithers book on 18 inch gauge railways. That card mock-up started me on modelling in 1:24 scale and some of the models have subsequently appeared in the Review. It really is about time that I got around to converting the card mock-up in to something “proper”.
As for would I build another card Rheidol loco, the answer is NO. It was far too small and fiddly for me, and card does not file very well - it goes all fuzzy! You cannot solder it together either……...