ExpoNG 2017 and back issues

Posted by John Clutterbuck on

Marion, David and I had a good day at ExpoNG last Saturday and it was great to meet so many REVIEW and RCL Publications readers old and new (and Zamzoodled customers too). Marion commented afterwards about how nice everyone was and I quite agree and furthermore, I believe it would apply to all our readers. So the next time you are reading the REVIEW or one of Roy’s fine books please take a moment to congratulate yourself on not just your fine choice of reading material but that you are one of the 'nice people' in the world.

We are trying to organise the stock we have in hand and in the process have found a few REVIEW back issues that were not listed as available. We need to do a full stock take and hopefully make the quantity available on the website.

Finally I am working on a searchable index to put on the website with both issue no. and volume/page references which we think will be of use whether you already have a full set or are trying to track a specific issue down.


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