Review 129

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Review 129 is now at the printers ready for distribution at the end of this month.

The contents are:

  • Adventures in the Snow - Little Nut's Snowplough - A full-sized replica and 7/8ths scale model by Paul Jarman
  • Another O14 Loco for Tony’s Forest - A Blast from the Past - Robin Edwards builds an original RCL Bagnall 0-4-0ST kit
  • Walking Man - Giles Favell pushes the boundaries of model automation in 7mm scale
  • Scratch Building COVID Cars - Gerald Harper builds some unique ore cars in On3
  • Festiniog Railway Bogie Ballast/Coal Wagons Nos. 88 & 105 - Stuart L Baker researches and draws these historic FR wagons in 1:32 scale with prototype photos
  • Taliesin 1886 - Alastair Steele backdates the 009 Backwoods kit with prototype photo
  • Talyllyn Railway 'Water Tank' Platelayers Hut - 3D CAD modelling ‘one stone at a time’ by Lee E J Styger with 7mm scale drawing
  • Appearance of Industrial Steam Locomotives - Sydney A Leleux provides his own perspective on grime with prototype photos
  • NG Sand & Gravel Revisited - A look back at Roy C Link's O14 masterpiece 
  • And the usual product reviews and readers letters

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