Review 126

Review 126

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Issue 126 - Published Apr 2021


  • Herbert's Last Hurrah - Paul Berntsen builds Victorian Railways G class Garratt G41 in 1⁄4ins scale with prototype photos and makers GA scale drawing
  • SAR(WHR) NgG16 Garratt in 7mm Scale - David Steer builds the Backwoods Miniatures kit in O16.5 with prototype photos
  • SAR/Otavi Railway Dining Car Etiro of 1926 - Malcolm Crawford describes an unusual 2ft gauge prototype with scale drawing
  • Bagnall Inverted Saddle Tank Locomotive Edith - Stuart L Baker draws and describes this unusual Llechwedd Quarry loco with protoype photo and 12mm scale drawings
  • Llechwedd Electrics - Paul Holmes builds The Eclipse in O14 from an N Brass etched kit
  • The American Magnesium Company Monorail - Adrian Garner models an unusual USA prototype in 7mm scale with prototype photo and patent details
  • Recreating The Early Corris Coach - Archaeology in Miniature by Lee E J Styger - a CAD based reconstruction approach
  • Sunday Afternoon at Dawson City - Tim Shackleton considers a snapshot in time on the Walshaw Dean Reservoirs construction railway with prototype photos
ISSN 0958-0808