Review 133

Review 133

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Issue 133 - Published Jan 2023

We lead this issue with first of a series on David John’s Dinas Manod - the next station on his 7mm scale imagined extension to the Festiniog Railway. David’s layouts are very much part of an imagined world and, coupled with his use of topography, imbues a real sense of life into his models. We also feature research and scale drawings of the FR Brine Waggon, historical photos of the Purbeck clay railways, a fine 009 model built from a 3D print, drawings on the Bagnall Pampero class, some CAD modelling and 3D printing used to enhance a kit locomotive, a fine 9mm scale model of a NZ Fairlie, a discussion about power pickups and some archive material and a personal reflection on the life of Iain Rice from David John. Finally we also include the usual  product and book reviews, jottings and readers letters.

  • Dinas Manod - Part 1 Introduction - David John describes the next station on his O14 Festiniog Railway branch
  • Festiniog Railway Brine Waggon - Stuart L Baker researches and draws this historic wagons in 1:32 scale with prototype photos
  • Purbeck Memories - Prototype photos of the Fayles Tramway and Furzebrook by Sydney A Leleux
  • 009 Fletcher Jennings from an EDM 3D print - Built by Alex Duckworth with a scratch-built chassis
  • Bagnall Pampero class 0-6-0T - Drawn and described by Stuart L Baker
  • The NZ B Class Double Fairlie - A model in 9mm scale by Paul Berntsen with prototype photo and makers GA drawing
  • A New Chimney for Taliesin - Alastair Steele learns CAD to produce a 4mm scale 3D print for his 009 loco
  • Current Affairs - Francis Samish discusses power pickups
  • Iain Rice 1947 - 2022 - A personal reflection from David John
  • The Advantages of a Narrow Gauge Railway Installation - Archive material from C W Hunt Company Inc. Catalogue 232
  • Yellow Aster No.3 H K Porter Works No.4468 of 1909 - Corrected 1:24 scale drawing (errata from REVIEW issue 132)
  • And the usual Product News & Reviews, Book Reviews, Readers' letters and Jottings
ISSN 0958-0808